David Bishop

It's always different when it's Personal

I’m afraid to move.
Afraid to think another thought.
Doing anything to exist beyond this point is to move towards a future without you. This is the worst part. The world kept turning. There was no godly hand to embrace. The was no wise words of a christ. Just me. In this moment alone. In shock.
My greatest fear is that the sky will one day open and I will have no earth to hold on to and be gone forever. However this fear of mine becomes a wish. Open up sky. Take me into the abyss where each light is a life form too far to hope for. Where the air is cold and fitting like a glove in the winter.
I know there is a forward. A place to go a thing to see. But now every step is in the direction away from when we were.
You were my earth. But now that I’m floating in the infinite space I know you have become the brightest star. Too far to hope for ever again.


When you are depressed, you are living in the PAST.  When you are feeling anxious, you are living in the FUTURE.  When you are at peace….you live in the present.  

Lao Tzu

That’s really hard to do.. But I try everyday

Lol that’s the most disheartening thing to ever happen at 2am


I made this.

Shot it myself. edited it myself.

go watch it

thank you very much

I’ve consolidated the amount of caring of things in my life to about three things